Pottery Boot Camp “the works” 2.5 hours

Minimum of two camps per day all delivered in one room with a sink. Cost is $20/student plus GST

1. All students make a piece of thrown pottery on “kid friendly” electric pottery wheel. At the same time they will paint the bowl with slip glaze while it’s spinning around. The work is dried, fired, dipped in clear glaze and fired. The work is food safe and you will have a dedicated instructor at all time.

2. Classes create a curriculum project of their choosing or each grade choosing from the “Power of Masks” series and slip glaze the piece. The project is dried, fired, dipped and fired to a hard shiny finish.


3. All students learn how to create a fused glass sun catcher. Various shapes, sizes, colours and types of glass will be used. Knowledge about firing glass in a kiln is shared. Previously finished glass pieces will be on display.


  • One instructor on site, five (5) parent volunteers must be present ½ hours before campS begin and during the camp. These volunteers will be given APRONS  specific tasks for the day.
  • There will be three exploration stations set up for the day, we may possibly need the hall way..
  • All required equipment, student and teacher aprons,materials and finishes are provided.
  • Power Point Presentation will be emailed to all teacher for all curriculum projects.Please view these before we come to the school.


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