School Clay and Fused Glass Workshops, Murals & Residences

Our clay and fused glass programs can be delivered to classes from Preschool to Grade 12. The teacher preselects curriculum based or seasonal projects or program. The projects are either created by hand building, by throwing a piece on a pottery wheel (we can bring a number of pottery wheels to a class) or by sculpting pieces. The curriculum projects have been designed in consultation with teachers over the years and help to strengthen student learning by “bringing the curriculum to life”.

  • No single classes please.
  • Minimum of two classes booked in one room for fused glass workshops. There is a considerable set-up and clean-up for these classes.
  • Our instructor comes to your school and deliver the classes or programs in your facility.
  • Provision of all required clay, glass student aprons, tools, trays, table drop cloth and supplies.
  • Each class is 60 to 120 minutes in length, depending on the grade and projects that is selected.
  • Each class begins with a pottery wheel demonstration and a 10 minute question and answer session about clay or glass  (where does clay come from, what clay colors have you seen) and how clay becomes pottery (what happens to their projects after the class is complete). We discuss how glass melts and we have handouts about temperatures of the glass kiln. This is a wonderful opportunity to engage the students by sharing information
  • The students benefit from the pottery wheel demonstration as it settles them and focuses their attention. To younger students, the transformation of a “lump of clay” into a bowl or cup seems like magic. The older students want to try it themselves.
  • There is not a pottery wheel demonstration for fused glass.
  • All of the student projects are returned to our studio, air dried to reduce the moisture content to an acceptable level and then fired in our kilns to a temperature of over 1000 degrees C. This firing process is a fundamental step in a pottery program.
  • The fused glass is fired in a kiln at various ramp hold temperatures.
  • After firing, all projects are individually wrapped in paper and packed in a cardboard box for return to the school within 21 days, along with bags to carry them home. The bowl created during the pottery wheel demonstration is glazed and returned as a gift to the teacher.
  • The fired pieces can be finished by the students and will be a permanent keepsake and reminder of their learning experience.
  • Finishes and other options are offered at an additional cost.

Our office can email curriculum research material on applicable clay  projects to you when booking the class. Our instructors have a proprietary project research binder and Power Point sticks that can be used for any White Board with this information on each project to share with teachers in the classroom.

For more information, refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

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