Clay for Kids art and curriculum programs are designed for schools, day cares, and higher education facilities. Our projects are linked to the Alberta Program of Studies and can enrich curriculum.

Famous Artist Projects

Indigenous Peoples Projects

Pre-Schools (ages 3 & 4)

Kindergarten – I belong

Social Studies – ‘I am Unique in My Community”‘ Suggested projects are – Family Plaque, All About Me Frame, Dad and Me plaque. Personal Mask., Farm Animals and New Sheep Mask
Science – Under the Sea, Insects on a Leaf, Dinosaurs
‘Building Things’– Arch candle holder.

GRADE 1: Building things, My world

Science – Building Things; Arch candle holders, Life cycle of a butterfly
Language Arts – Personal Mask, All about Me Picture Frame, My favorite book (child makes their favorite book cover)


Social Studies – Inuit animals, Inuit mask; A Community of the Past – log cabin school house.
Three regions of Canada – Atlantic Region – Lighthouse; Northern Region – Inukshuk; Prairie Region – Grain elevator
Science – insects on a leaf, wind chimes


Social Studies – Ukrainian Child, Peruvian Child, Peruvian Mask, Taj Mahal, and Elephant coil pot, Dougga Dwellings of Tunisia, Tunisian Aicha Vase and Tunisian plate (slip glaze)
Communities of the world – Mexican sun and children around the world.
Science – Animal life cycles – Life cycle of a butterfly; Hearing and sound – Maraca.


Science – Save the planet, Shadow and light – Sundial
Social Studies – Alberta Crest, Log school house, Teepee, Totem Pole, Haida Otter Ceremonial bowl


Social Studies – Regional trains, Canadian symbols, Iroquois Spirit Masks
Science – Wetland creatures


Social studies – Grecian urn with four pillars of democracy, Greek tragedy masks, Chinese dragons
Language arts – Personal trophy
Science – Sky science – Sundial; Aerodynamics – Seraph


PERSONAL CODEX, Canadian Symbols, Dragons, Crazy coil pot
Projects for Spanish Schools – Meninias of Velázquez; Botero sculptings


Famous Artists Galleries

All projects are slip glazed


Claude Monet

Vincent Van Gogh

Leonardo da Vinci

Wassily Kandinsky

Pablo Picasso

Ted Harrison

Frida Kahlo

Antoni  Gaudi

Famous Artists Series is perfect for your ceramic artist!

Your students, through personal interpretation, create a three dimensional piece of art from the works of Picasso, Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Ted Harrison, Rembrandt, Frida Kahlo, Antonio Gaudi or Monet. We will use Fused Glass to reflect the art of Wassily Kandinsky. Each in-school workshop will begin with a P.P.P. on the life, time and highlight of each artists life and work. Following Alberta Education, the lesson will be all about what the ceramic artist’s experience, views and feels from a picture and recreates that picture in clay or glass. All clay projects are glazed immediately after making and both glass and clay art is returned to the school kiln fired and ready for Artist Showing or family keepsake.

The importance of texture, so accomplishable with clay.

Texture, like any of the elements of art, can also enhance and support the artist’s concept behind the work. Some artists use texture as a major influence on our response to the work. In any work of art, however, texture can draw us in so we spend more time with the work. Van Gogh used many heavy layers of paint in the background colors to resemble texture. With clay we will use a variety of tools and various layers of slip glaze to create the desired texture of your ceramic artists.

#1. Choose an Artist – all classes are 2 hours in length, no single classes please.
#2. Choose a project – either clay and slip glaze or glass.

Costs: $15/student plus GST