COVID-19 Health and Safety

Although there is still uncertainty about how the school year will look…. our plan at Clay for Kids Edmonton is to deliver the best option for field trips, keeping schools, staff and students safe!

For the last 40 YEARS, Clay for Kids has been the program that comes to you, eliminating costly bus fees and the need to take students off site. Staying at the school is now one of the biggest benefits! It allows teachers the ability to control the environment – students remain at the school, and our Clay for Kids instructor comes in to deliver our proven in-school field-trip program!

To manage the risk of passing on any virus, Clay for Kids Edmonton is taking the following steps:

  • Clay for Kids will not be re-using tools such as toothpicks and skewers. These items will be NEW and reserved for your class only.
  • Paint brushes and other durable tools will be disinfected after each workshop.
  • The use of Clay for Kids student aprons will be suspended until further notice.
  • Any paper templates are now one use only or laminated and washable after each class.
  • Shared water containers have been replaced with individual, disposable water containers.
  • Your Clay for Kids instructor will have a mask available for use, and any additional PPE as required by local school boards.
  • We LOVE parent volunteers, but understand there may be restrictions that limit the number of visitors in the class. The Clay for Kids Instructor is experienced in leading the workshop with the assistance of the classroom teacher only, if required.