Frequently Asked Questions


Do you travel outside Edmonton's city limits?

Yes, we do travel outside of Edmonton! Please note that there is an additional travel fee for programs outside the city limits. Travel fees are charged for each day of workshops, plus one charge for delivery. The delivery fee can be eliminated by arranging to pick up your projects in Edmonton. Keep in mind that we can accommodate up to four classes per day. This makes it a very affordable option when distributing the travel charges among so many students. Please see below for some of our most frequently requested travel fees. Please request a quote if your area is not listed.


  • St. Albert $20
  • Sherwood Park $20
  • Beaumont $20
  • Fort Saskatchewan $35
  • Morinville $40
  • Leduc $40
  • Spruce Grove $40
  • Devon $45
  • Stony Plain $45
  • Wetaskiwin $70
  • Ponoka $100

School Programs

What can I expect from a Clay for Kids In-School Fieldtrip?
We come to you! Our workshops are 60-90 minutes in duration. The instructor will arrive 15-20 minutes prior to the start of the first scheduled workshop to check in at the office and set up. The instructor will offer a short pottery wheel demonstration and interactive discussion about the properties of clay OR discuss the properties of glass and fusing, and will take your students STEP-BY-STEP through the project you have requested. At the end of the workshop, all projects will be taken out of the school for drying and firing (and glazing, if requested) and will be delivered back to the school within 21 days (whenever possible). All materials (except paper towel), instruction, firing and delivery is included in the cost of the workshop.
How many students can participate in a School Program?
There is no limit to the amount of students that can participate in Clay Building or Fused Glass workshops, provided that you have the space to accommodate the group. We do request an adult to child ratio of 1:5 for ANY class with more than 32 students.
How many Adult Helpers are required for in-school field trips?
The ideal adult to student ratio is 1:5, although we understand this is not always possible. It is highly recommended for Preschool, Kindergarten and Grade One.
What are the building requirements to book an in-school field trip?
Our materials are very heavy. A parking space in the school lot is REQUIRED to load materials in and out of the school. Whenever possible, the workshop should be scheduled on the main floor of the school, in a room with a sink. Ideally, all classes should take place in the same room. Please advise at the time of booking if any of the above poses an issue for your school.

All glass bookings must be scheduled in the same room, no exceptions.

Can I leave during the School Program?
The teacher must remain in the room for the duration of the workshop.
When is payment due for School Programs?
You will be invoiced following your workshop. Payment is due by cheque payable to Clay for Kids Edmonton, direct deposit or e-transfer within 60 days.
Do School Programs break for recess?
No. School Programs do not break for recess. Please adjust your snack and movement breaks accordingly.
When will my projects be delivered?
We make every effort to deliver projects back to the school within 21 days. Depending on the size and scope of the workshops, often during busier times with glazing, this can sometimes stretch to 28 days. If you require your projects for a certain date/special event, please let our office staff know at the time of booking.
When can I book a School Program?
We book all workshops as closely together as possible in an effort to make the best use of the instructor’s day. Depending on your chosen projects, classes are between 60-90 minutes. We are happy to assist you with the scheduling of your booking around your bell schedules. An ideal day will have two workshops in the morning and two in the afternoon. (i.e. 8:30-9:45, 9:45-11:15, 12:30-1:45, 1:45-3:15).

Mobile Studio

How do I register for camps and classes?
Where do your registered classes take place?
We are thrilled to announce that for the 2019-2020 school year, we will be hosting evening and weekend workshops at Artelier Studios, The Paint Spot, located at 10007 80 Ave. Please check out the Mobile Studio Information for all details!

FAQ for Tile Murals

How do I apply for a grant?

The best avenue to obtain a grant is by applying for an Alberta Foundations for the Arts Grant through their Art and Education grants found on their website.

Clay for Kids is on the arts roster for visual arts.

How far in advance do we need to start planning?

The earlier the better; we recommend getting started the school year before your desired timeframe. This gives all parties ample time to prepare. The grant writing and approval process can be lengthy and planning in advance also gives you a better chance at locking down the best date. Grants are accepted by April 2 of each new year. When accepted the work can begin the following school year.

How many classes can Clay for Kids work with in one day?

Generally, we prefer to work with four to six classes a day.

Which age groups or grade levels can Clay for Kids work with?

Any and all; Kindergarten to High School.

How big of a school is too big?

No school is too large. We have accommodated schools with populations over eight hundred. Larger programs will generally take an additional week for each workshop.

What finishes can we choose?

We offer two styles of murals – one is finished in an acrylic paint finish with clear high gloss varnish painted on to protect the tiles. This mural is for indoors only. Costs start at $16.00 per tile( depending on complexity of design), or shape.

The second is finished with a slip glaze high gloss finish. Each tile is designed and made by the students and then immediately slip glazed with a liquid clay base paint. The tiles are dried, fired and dipped in clear glaze to a hard shiny finish. Cost is $18 per tile depending on complexity of design.