Fused Glass

Kids Love Fused Glass – it’s Magical and Clay for Kids makes it SAFE

Safety is of utmost importance in the classroom. Depending on the grades, we will bring in softened glass or pre-cut “kid-friendly” rounded pieces that look like little pebbles for the younger grades. All grades will use bottles of rounded frit with spoons to enable the students to scoop the colorful glass sand onto their piece. The students will have spaghetti like thin tubes of glass that are easily broken by tiny fingers in a safe manner.


“The fused glass classes were amazing. Shelley was so great with the kids and instructions were clear and easy for them to follow. All the teachers said today was great. We are looking forward to the finished product.

Thank you so much from all the 3/4 teachers at Maple Ridge school.”


Yard Art

$5 + GST per tile, minimum of 200 tiles per workshop day.

Each tile is approximately 5 cm square.

Students are provided with a variety of colored glass to create their tile(s). Each tile is embedded with two wire loops which allows the tiles to be attached to a chain link fence.


Glass programs for grades K – 12: 1½ hour classes; two classes in a day. 

All classes must be in the same room due to the amount of base and decorative glass that we bring to each class and the required clean up after the classes.

Our instructor will bring all the materials to ensure the students have the opportunity to create their own fused glass masterpiece. We will demonstrate various techniques using different shapes and sizes of glass. There will be a variety of shapes and colors for your students to use.

Children will design their own creations as part of Art curriculum or projects such as All About Me, Insects and Nature can be tied to curriculum subjects. We also offer nativity scenes and Christmas ornaments for Christmas celebrations.

When the pieces are completed, the glass will be taken to our studio to be fired. We supply all classes with information on the history and firing experience of glass. The firing process is much more complicated than with our Clay for Kids pottery pieces. We are happy to share this information with the students.

Fused glass has fit into Clay for Kids philosophy of encouraging the individual creativity of all our students whether they are children, teens or adults.



Sun Catcher

$16 + GST per project


$18 + GST per project

Fused Glass Pendants

$18 + GST per student, two pedants per student are created

The glass material must be ordered, pre-cut and/or prepared prior to each class. A 50% deposit will be required upon booking for all fused glass classes.

Projects not noted vary based on the scope of the project. Please contact our office for pricing.