Bring your vision to life with a custom mural made of clay, glass or a combination. Use one of our designs or create your own. We will work with you and your group or class or create a memorable experience and lasting legacy.

Bring Your Vision to Life in Clay or Glass!

Glass Yard Art

2″ x 2″ Glass Tiles for chain link fences.

$5/piece, minimum 200 pieces

Tile Glazing Mural

Glaze tiles to create a custom design or legacy mural.

$15/tile for 4″x4″ tiles, minimum 18 tiles

Other size available, prices vary


Butterfly Mural

Seasons Mural

Circle of Courage Mural

Circle of Courage Close Up

Beau Meadows Logo

Beau Meadows Close Up

Lighthouse Mural

Mountain Mural

Centennial Mural

Grow Together Mural

Alberta Mural

Alberta Treaty Mural

St. Matthew Mural

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