Clay Projects

Clay for Kids has limitless opportunities to help you create special projects for all occasions. We come to you and provide all necessary instruction, support, and material required during your scheduled workshop or class. You may chose from over 155 curriculum or seasonal projects for children 3 – 17 years old.

We have over 155 projects to choose from. All projects were originated at Clay for Kids who has been designing and teaching curriculum projects for 32 years. Every year we introduce new projects that have come about with the help or suggestions of our teachers. This year Mr. Brian Jackson from Ralph McCall school in Airdrie worked with Clay for Kids on creating a project call The Seraph – A lesson in Aerodynamics and fits perfectly with Grade six unit in flight. Mr. Jackson’s students were the first students to make this project (free of charge of course) and their Seraphs are amazing. Thanks Mr. Jackson. We are working on “planets” next.

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