Need some fun in your fundraising? Not getting the response that you wanted? Clay for Kids can help! Has your Silent Auction just gone silent? Clay for Kids has your creative solution!

WE offer FUN-draising for schools, organizations, groups, churches and individuals. Talk with us about your cause and together we will create an event that works.

Some fun & creative examples are:

We will bring into your classroom several large platters, bowls and plates, glazes, brushes and samples. Each student will have their own section to decorate on the piece using ceramic paints. and plates.

Clay making large clay planter and slip glaze the outside of the piece.
All students in the class will contribute to the completion of the planter. The students will then use slip glaze to decorate the outside of the piece. There is a 4 week turn around for this project.

Create a ’tile wall’ mural using tiles that you make.
They can be any size or shape because you will make them yourselves using clay. Have everyone in your group/school/church create a tile using your theme and colour selection. We’ll charge you a discounted amount depending on your volume. You then charge what you want for people to participate and keep the difference as profit. Many schools use a ‘legacy’ tile wall ‘mural’ to turn a plain wall into an awesome ‘spirit wall’ that every student, teacher, parent will be proud off.

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