Artist In Residency Programs

Our Residency is based on a minimum of eight classes. If you are a small school we will work with you please email: at

1. All students make a piece of thrown pottery on “kid friendly” electric pottery wheel. At the same time they will paint the bowl with slip glaze while it’s spinning around. The work is dried, fired, dipped in clear glaze and fired. The work is food safe and you will have a dedicated instructor at all times.
Cost is $10.00 per student.

2. Classes create a curriculum project of their choosing or each grade choosing from the “Power of Masks” series and slip glaze the piece. The project is dried, fired, dipped and fired to a hard shiny finish.
Cost is $14.40 per student.

3. All students create a fused glass project. Projects can be crucifix, night lights, sun catchers or variety of jewelry. Glass costs are reduced by 10% for residency.

4. Construction & finishing of clay or fused glass tile murals by all students & staff. Costs depending on project and size of piece desired.


  • Two Clay for Kids instructors on site when wheel and glass or clay are included.
  • All required equipment, materials and finishes are provided.
  • Each residence is a minimum of eight classes though we will work with smaller schools.
  • We offer Power Point Presentation for all curriculum projects.
  • A parent viewing event can be organized upon completion so that students can display their clay creations and demonstrate their knowledge of the curriculum subjects.
  • A Professional Development opportunity for teachers. 


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